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Q1. What information the system provides?

The system provides the following information about each book: Book cover, Book title, Author, Synopsis (up to a 150 words), Genre, Publishing date, Country, Language, Publishing format (print, audio, digital), and number of pages.

Q2. How can the database be searched?

The database can be searched by any or a combination of the fields listed above to narrow down the search result. The system can provide statistics such as: · List/count all books by author. · List/count all books released in certain (or range) of date, in certain genre. · Count the number of books released in a country per subject. · List/count all books of certain category by certain publisher. · ... and so on

Q3. Are the search results downloadable?

The search output comes in a pdf downloadable format. However, an Excel format can be provided upon request and it is priced upon the query type.

Q4. How to upload the book’s details?

Upon creating an account, the publishers/author can download our Excel template, populate it with their books’ details and upload it onto their account. Also, within the publisher’s dashboard, there is a mechanism to upload the books one by one.

Q5. Is the £1 per title renewable?

No. The publisher and self-published author will only pay £1 for each book entry into the database, once and forever. i.e. it's not an annual or renewable payment.

Q6. Can the book details be altered at later stage?

Yes. A straightforward mechanism to amend the book details is available, free of charge, for the account holders via their online dashboard.

Q7. How the ‘pence-per-click’ works?

One pence will be deducted from the account holder’s e-wallet if their website was visited via the link we provided next to their books. Repeated clicks from one session/device count as one click. The publisher/author has the option to monitor and credit their e-wallet through their online dashboard. 'e-wallet' is a mechanism for publishers/authors to deposit a certain amount of money for the following services: Annual subscription, £1 per title and 1-pence per click. Every registered publisher/author…

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