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Sales boost of yellow language dictionaries. Much of this growth is due to the number of refugees who entered Germany in the past year

The educational publishing sector in Germany has seen a tremendous growth within the last year. The demand for learning materials has risen by more than 30 percent, according to a survey of the Verband Bildungsmedien. “German as a foreign language” (GFL) is a particularly strong segment right now, due to the huge number of refugees coming into Germany. The survey, published at last week’s Didacta—the German Book Fair dedicated to educational publishing—showed an estimated turnover of 550 million euros ($600 million) for 2015. Wilmar Diepgrond, Chairman of the Verband Bildungsmedien, noted the important role educational publishers play in helping refugees integrate into German society via language learning: “Educational publishers are developing urgently needed, specific teaching and learning materials that take into account various learning prerequisites and levels of knowledge.” langenscheidt arabischAccording to the survey, more than 8,000 educational titles were published in Germany in 2015. Of those, 1,000 titles focused on language learning for young children. Source:

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